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Machine Learning Expe

Machine Learning Expe

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About us
In an industry focused on detection, Source Defense provides websites with the first ever prevention technology for attacks of third-party origin. We are the first ever SAAS platform that allows a site owner to set and enforce permissions, receive real time alerts and monitor third-party vendors' behavior on their site. By removing the security considerations from third-party integrations, we can save countless man-hours spent on tests and integrations, allowing sites to focus on generating revenues and new opportunities while keeping the site visitors safe and the site in high performance.
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About you
You are Machine Learning Expert experienced in leading high throughput backend engineering teams that leverage modern big data platforms and be familiar with the principles of Machine Learning and Advanced Data Analysis. Talented, enthusiastic machine learning engineer who knows how production-scale ML systems are built and has experience building them.
As a Machine Learning Expert your responsibilities are
● Be responsible for the entire algorithmic life-cycle in the company: data analytics, prototyping of new ideas, implementing algorithms in a production environment and then monitoring and maintaining them.
● Turn algorithm prototypes into shippable products that will have a significant and immediate impact on the company’s revenue.
● Apply your scientific knowledge and creativity to analyze large volumes of diverse data and develop algorithms to solve complex problems.

דרישות התפקיד וניסיון נדרש: 

Must Have Qualifications
● M.Sc. or PhD. in Computer Science, Mathematics, Engineering or a related field
● 5+ years of hands on experience with coding machine learning/statistical modeling based solutions
● Possess strong problem solving and critical thinking skills.
● Experience in developing models using deep learning techniques and tools.
Nice to Have Qualifications
● Experience in developing software within a distributed computation framework.
● Understanding of Agile methodology ● Deep understanding of JavaScript & WEB

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