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Technology Specialist

Technology Specialist

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תאור תפקיד: 

We are looking for a Technology Specialist

Role Brief:

We’re looking for a talented, creative, and ambitious Tech Specialist to join our R&D data and infrastructure group. Developing, designing, mentoring, and leading MDClone platform technologies. 


Your daily responsibilities will be:

  • Hands-on development for infrastructure entities.
  • POC development for web/Microservices/streaming/big data/Security cutting-edge technologies.
  • Mentoring R&D teams in web/Microservices/streaming/big data/Security development.
  • Help enhance security development in R&D teams.
  • Interact with System and DevOps teams
דרישות התפקיד וניסיון נדרש: 

Academic and Professional Qualifications:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or Engineering
  • 5+ years of experience as a software engineer in the hi-tech industry 
  • Tech Lead in Software development (Web/Microservices/Security/Distributed programming/software architecture).
  • Experience in writing code for unit, functional, and Integration tests.
  • Architecture building capabilities
  • Experience with Angular 2+, HTML, CSS, JavaScript/Typescript - advantage. 
  • Experience with NodeJS server-side development - advantage.
  • Experience with secured development according to OWASP top 10 - advantage.
  • Experience with SSO strategies/authentication protocols integration (Windows authentication/SAML/OIDC/OAuth2) - advantage.
  • Basic knowledge in DevOps tools: Jenkins, Docker containers, and orchestration - advantage.
  • Experience in working with databases and distributed programming in a big data environment (Java/Scala/Python) - advantage.
  • Experience with micro-service architecture - advantage.


Personal Skills:

  • Fast learner with an ability to pick up new ideas and approaches quickly and willingness to learn new and old technologies.
  • Enjoys brainstorming on design and is passionate about problem-solving, with a strong focus on teamwork.
  • Outside-the-box thinking.
  • Proven ability to work well with others in a fast-paced environment.
  • Iterative product definition and development environment.
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